Bakker of delicious, sustainable materials

We have designed a tray of delicious, sustainable natural materials. The tray is available in three variations with a base of slate or acrylic. The trays are hand made and produced locally in our own workshop, and consists entirely of recycled materials. Use it for drinks, for breakfast, for your jewelry, perfumes and much more:) – Prices from 290 – 350 kr,-

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Bakken is available in three variants:

Bakker (3 variants) // 290 – 350 kr

The tray made of oak moldings used parquet with a bottom plate of used acrylic, there is sanded lightly. Pris 350 kr,-

The lists have rounded edges, are easy to grip and the trays are easy to carry.

Tray with a bottom of the slates (available two sizes 24×55 and 24×43) // 290 – 330 kr,-

The ash tree is originally from the Architects' House in Strand Street. The slate is used roofing sheets.


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