Do it yourself!

There are many handy women- and men out there. Every day people are doing repairs and restorations at home. They grapple with everything from Hardwood Flooring, for worn limits, elartikler, faucets and trapper. If you are really brave gives you engage in replacement of windows, doors or maybe renovation of an entirely new kitchen.

Here's advice and guidelines that may be helpful to know, when working with renovation, refurbishment and used building materials.

Mount your door handles in wood

Step by step instructions with photo

How to assemble and mount the door handles in wood

Ruko Lock

Here is the page with lock instruction to lock ASSA

Renovation of old windows

This article written by Nanna Askov tells how easy it is even to refurbish its old windows so they stay 100 years. Read window renovation so easy is it!

Build a conservatory of used windows

House Architects put together this guide on how to build a fine conservatory of used windows and doors.

Get Help, advice and guidance!

Although you may think that you are equipped with ten thumbs are actually many things you can do yourself.

Also remember that it is always good to ask for help if this is the first time you started with a certain kind of DIY work.

Will you still past Genbygs shop in Amager we will give a good advice along the way about the use of building materials and tools. Or you can look at our page on renovation of windows. Here you will find everything to do it yourself window renovation. Also check Nanna Askovs Article So let it for window renovation.

Do it yourself work is fun and then there is often a lot of money to be saved if you do not have to hire a craftsman. There are also some forums out in cyberspace with the help of DIY enthusiasts: