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Bakker of delicious, sustainable materials

We have designed a tray of delicious, sustainable natural materials. The tray is available in three variations with a base of slate or acrylic. The trays are hand made and produced locally in our own workshop, and consists entirely of recycled materials. Use it for drinks, for breakfast, for your jewelry, perfumes and much more:) – Prices from 290 – 350 kr,-

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Bakken is available in three variants:

Bakker (3 variants) // 290 – 350 kr

The tray made of oak moldings used parquet with a bottom plate of used acrylic, there is sanded lightly. Pris 350 kr,-

The lists have rounded edges, are easy to grip and the trays are easy to carry.

Tray with a bottom of the slates (available two sizes 24×55 and 24×43) // 290 – 330 kr,-

The ash tree is originally from the Architects' House in Strand Street. The slate is used roofing sheets.




Seize the opportunity, When Rebuild keeps inventory sales in the autumn holiday.

As of Monday and week out, you have the opportunity to purchase beautiful hand doors, paned windows, colorful tiles, Planks, washbasins, grip and more at bargain prices. The offer is valid throughout the week 42.

Rebuild is a treasure trove, with cases from a bygone era as well as modern materials has everything, what a DIY heart desires. Whether you funkis, boheme, the classic or the raw look, Rebuild has a large selection of original and iconic products, which can be used either, as they are or can be transformed into creative, sustainable solutions.

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The offer is valid from Monday. 17 October to Sunday. 23 October. Does not apply to furniture from Rebuild Design. Note that all items come in a limited number.

Romantisk get-away? We have a good suggestion ....

Above Copenhagen smallest coffee shop is the world's smallest hotel. Central Hotel & Café is because, a single room in total 12 M2. However, there are not spared, and only the best is good enough in the few square meters. The room is furnished with the finest things, from extravagant bed linen to solid dark wood paneling from Rebuild.

Indretningen med det mørke genbrugstræ står i stærk kontrast til de til tider ensformige hotelværelser, som er blottet for personlighed.

The decor with the dark recycled wood stands in stark contrast to the sometimes monotonous hotel rooms, which is devoid of personality.

Wood paneling is made of recycled wood. This gives the room a special soul. You feel transported to Montmartre in Paris, as soon as you step inside the little space.

Used wood is good to use, if you want to create a both cozy and elegant expression, exactly as is the case in the small room poetry.

Det gamle træ er et gennemgående element på det lille værelse og står smukt med de grønne tapetserede vægge.

The old tree is a recurrent element in the little room and appears beautifully with the green wallpapered walls.

Central Hotel er det mindste, men til gengæld nok også det hyggeligste hotel i København.

Central Hotel is the smallest, but then probably the friendliest hotel in Copenhagen.

Seize style!

You can even create the mood by using dark wood used in the decor. With a few changes, you can turn the bedroom into a space, that gets you to dream up an entire elsewhere.

Low self-panels, for example noble staircase brokers:

See our selection of mahogany and teak here:

Lys er med til at give den rette stemning af hygge og varme. Vi har både gamle og nye lamper i butikken.

Light helps to provide the right ambience of coziness and warmth. We have both old and new lamps in the store.

See our lamps online here:

New isbutik town

We have gone into September, but there are still many good days of sunshine back to eat ice cream. And we know a place, who make really delicious ice cream….

At Ismageriet in Søborg can buy homemade ice cream of high quality and craftsmanship pride. And just craftsmanship is reflected in both ice production as well as in the decor. Many of the materials used is in fact custom-made of Rebuild and are carefully selected to create the right mood.


Solid materials like wood, leather and marble helps to create an authentic expression of the ice cream shop and brings soul into the new building.

Queen Ingrid ferry's last ride

Several of the materials coming from the historical Great Belt ferry M / F Queen Ingrid from 1951. Doors and other materials were initially scrapped but has now been given new life in the newly opened ice cream shop.

Danish Photographer

photo: Ulf Swan

The ferry circles, many believe, the ferry was worthy of preservation, since it had an important place in Denmark's maritime cultural history. But there has been no economic goodwill for a major renovation of the ferry. Rebuild therefore dismantled Total, where a user value. We still have some materials from the ferry for sale.

View more by ferry

Danish Photographer

photo: Ulf Swan

Danish Photographer

photo: Ulf Swan

Tile is the new black

Vi kommer ikke udenom fliser dette efterår. Housing trays full of tiles in all colors and shades. If you are into French country style, shabby Shic, the rustic look or just want to have the classic, we have a large selection of Rebuild.

We have just received a large batch hundred years old antique tiles home from Egypt in all sorts of patterns and colors.

De smukke dekorative fliser fås i mange farver og mønstre. Her ses et udpluk.

The beautiful decorative tiles are available in many colors and patterns. Here is a selection.

Kombinér fliserne og skab dit eget unikke udtryk.

Combine the tiles and create your own unique expression.

The tiles can be used for everything from covering walls and floors to decorative trivet.

See the tiles here:

We have compiled a selection from Pinterest, hvor fliser gør hele forskellen. Be inspired here (NB! The tiles on the pictures below are NOT from Rebuild):































Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


An oasis in the middle of Copenhagen

Our design studio has designed and built Restaurant growth in Sankt Peter Strait of used building materials,da. A large and lush greenhouse sets the scene for the new restaurant. Greenhouse connects the two floors and provides a welcoming, informal term. The vision was to create a relaxing atmosphere, reminiscent of a garden party.

Drivhuset giver et organisk udtryd og forbinder restaurantens to etager. Alle mahognilister er lavet ud af den gamle tribune på Lyngby Stadion.

Greenhouse connects the restaurant's two floors. The window frames in the greenhouse is made of old floorboards from Hunsballe frøfabrik near Slagelse. Photos: Chris Tonnesen


Where the restaurant's upper part is light and easy, the basement had a more urban and raw expression. Photos: Chris Tonnesen


The restaurant's heart is a greenhouse with green plants galore. Photos: Chris Tonnesen


The greenhouse is the restaurant's focal point. It provides a framework for a lush garden experience, heart of the city. Here grows plants and foliage in line with Nordic cuisine, that characterizes the menu. Photos: Chris Tonnesen


Auditorium chairs range in the characteristic style of the 50s- 60'In veneered bended on base in steel is from Eastern High School in Slagelse. The glass shelves comes from Denmark's first multi-storey, Palace Garagerne in Copenhagen from 1934. Below a list of the windows in their original context.. Photos: Chris Tonnesen

Vinduerne fra Palæ Garagerne er blevet forvandlet til glashylder.

The windows of the Palace The garages have been turned into glass shelves.


The restaurant has a bubbly, organic expression with sails made of old tablecloths and incandescent light bulbs in the ceiling. The floor of the basement is made of old floorboards from Hunsballe frøfabrik near Slagelse. Photo Chris Tonnesen

Køkkenet er primært nordisk med en forkærlighed for grøntsager og urter. Foto: Chris Tonnesen

The kitchen is primarily Nordic with a fondness for vegetables and herbs. Photos: Chris Tonnesen

Restaurant Cofoco – Relaxation in the city in perfect harmony

Used materials in the device captures the zeitgeist, the quest for the authentic is a clear flow. But the used materials, as resurrected in new contexts, can also emphasize a special atmosphere, not be copied. The materials can form a basis for creating an online experience, which gives an impression of authenticity, where gastronomy and decor goes up to a higher level.

Det enkle og stilrene går igen i indretningen. Her ses den klassiske Christian Dell lampe, som er fundet hos Genbyg og brugte vinduer, der er blevet forvandlet til det fine indgangsparti.

The simple and stylish recur in the decor. Here is the classic Christian Dell lamp, which is found in Rebuild and used windows, that has been transformed into the fine porches.

Classic decor with used materials

Restaurant Cofoco was the first newcomer in a neat row of restaurants and take-aways, as the chain has gradually built up. Rebuild also here helped to put a finger on the decor of the restaurant with, among other classic paned windows and a big old school blackboard, der viser dagens menu. The bar at the end of the room has been equipped with seating area, and the long table in solid wood mounted with isolating windows, which acts as stalls with room for two or four people, so that at one time have the feeling of dining privately and with others. The popular Christian Dell table lamps are also from Rebuild.

Both the food and the decor is dominated by the Scandinavian style with French flavors. Here, with attention to both the food and the device with simple, stylish elements, where the materials from Rebuild is to create an unpretentious, homely and pleasant city atmosphere.

Med en beliggenhed midt i den mest centrale og rå del af København, er den lette og lyse restaurant med sine to selskabslokaler et trygt og rart sted i den buldrende storby.

Located in the middle of the most central and rough part of Copenhagen, is the light and bright restaurant with its two banquet rooms, a safe and nice place in the booming metropolis.

De sprossede vinduer fra Genbyg fungerer både som skillevinduer og som hyggespreder.

The paned windows from Rebuild acts both as the dividing windows and hyggespreder.

Både maden og indretningen er præget af den nordiske stil med franske undertoner. Her er kælet både for maden og for indretningen med enkle, stilrene elementer, hvor materialerne fra Genbyg er med til at skabe en uprætentiøs, hjemmelig og hyggelig storbystemning.

Both the food and the decor is dominated by the Scandinavian style with French flavors. Here, with attention to both the food and the device with simple, stylish elements, where the materials from Rebuild is to create an unpretentious, homely and pleasant city atmosphere.

En stor gammel skoletavle fra Genbyg viser dagens menu.

A great old school blackboard from Genbyg shows current menu.

Tavlen fra Genbyg bliver flittigt brugt til at nedfælde dagens fangst.

The board of Rebuild is frequently used to jot down the day's catch.