Beautiful lamps from the Royal Danish Naval Museum in Christianshavn at favorable prices,,da,We have been past Orlogsmuseet in Christianshavn and carefully dismantle some beautiful lamps in good condition,,da,One of the lamps is Satellite lamp,,da,which was designed by Vilhelm Wohlert in,,da,Today the lamp goes simply by the name 'Wohlert,,da,and is produced by Louis Poulsen,,da,The lamp is available in three different sizes,,da,see the lights,,da,Prices at Rebuild,,da,Retail price for Louis Poulsen,,da

Vi har været forbi Orlogsmuseet på Christianshavn og nænsomt nedtage nogle flotte lamper i god stand. En af lamperne er Satellit lampen, som blev designet af Vilhelm Wohlert i 1959. I dag går lampen blot under navnet ‘Wohlert’ og produceres af Louis Poulsen. Lampen fås i tre forskellige størrelser

Se lamperne her

Priser hos Genbyg: 1500 – 2200 kr,-

*Nypris hos Louis Poulsen: 3995 – 4500 kr,-

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